Wednesday, August 10, 2011

eBay Fun - The Haunted SNES

Remember that glitchy SNES I acquired a little while ago?  With the weird Mode 7 issues?  I put the thing up on eBay.

By the way, it's haunted.  It can't be a technical glitch.  It's definitely haunted.

The auction can be found here:

Long after the auction has ended, though, you can enjoy the story.  The text of the auction is as follows:

'This Super Nintendo system is much like any other you may find - with one important difference.  It is haunted.

The legend says that it once belonged to Ricky Rhodes, legendary race driver.  He loved his wife, he loved his Super Nintendo, and he loved his car.  Every night, Ricky would terrorize the mountain passes, putting driver after driver in their place.  Ricky, however, could not separate his love for his SNES from his love for racing.  One day, he decided to tape his Super Nintendo controller to his steering wheel, and attack the mountain and Super Mario Kart at the same time.

"It can't be done, Ricky!" his wife warned.  "You can't win the Special Cup and conquer the mountain pass at the same time!"

Ricky was unfazed.  He stormed out, determined.

Of course, the cruel mountain hairpins - like a red turtle shell - quickly sent Ricky to his demise.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was recovered from his vehicle intact, but it was never the same again.  Whenever a game of Super Mario Kart is played, the Super Nintendo simply can't handle it... as if weeping with Ricky from beyond the grave, all Mode 7 effects are scrambled.  F-Zero, Super Mario Kart... racing games such as these simply remind this SNES too much of its former owner.  Distraught, it simply will not perform.

An example video, recorded from this system, can be seen here.

This haunted SNES system does not include a video cable or AC adapter, neither are available.  One controller is included.  Due to the system's cries of anguish, it is being sold as-is.

Thank you for your consideration.'

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