Wednesday, November 2, 2011

eBay Finds - Commodore 64 Cassette Lot

Nope, these aren't 80's mix tapes, these are games.

I've been having fairly good luck with eBay lately where Commodore 64 games are concerned.  Here we have a lot of ten datassette games for which I paid just under $15, counting the extra shipping I had to pay due to the seller underestimating the package's weight.  Bad form, eBay seller.

Anyway, the games are On Field Football, Lazy Jones, Super Skramble!, Yie Ar Kung-fu, Pitstop II, Scalextric, Forbidden Forest, Mind Games American Football, Softaid: Feed The World (A charity compilation by the Band-Aid Trust), and Frank Bruno's Boxing.

I'm stoked about the whole set, but Forbidden Forest in particular, as it's another of the games I grew up with. Also, the 'Feed The World' tape is intriguing because of the history, if nothing else.

Now, I just hope these tapes are all still working.

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