Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fami-Complex Video Reviews Coming Soon!

The footage is recorded, and my impressions are written.  Once the new microphone arrives, Fami-Complex will kick off the video review series with ActRaiser!

As this is a video game collection blog, review scores will be geared a little bit differently than your average video review.  Rather than rate a game just on it's merits, current market price will also be a factor.  These reviews are for that rare breed: the classic game collector who actually intends to play their games.

After all, a super-rare game that's awful is still just that - an awful game.

Emulation will not and should not be used, except in situations where it is unavoidable.  Sega's Game Gear, for example, has no reasonable means for recording from the original hardware.

There are two scales, and the final score will be determined using a weighted Harmonic Mean, rather than an average.  Take that, every math teacher that ever said I don't apply myself!  The reason for this complicated scale is that quality should really be a greater factor than price when considering a purchase, unless you're a completionist.

After a lot of thought and discussion, I've decided to simplify the review scale.  Instead, I'll review the games based on their merits and then dock points for high prices, rather than combine the two scales.

The final scale, then, remains the same as it was, and still represents the game's value to a gamer:

5 - Must buy!  It's fantastic and cheap!
4 - It's awesome! - Great game that won't put you into debt.
3 - It's a decent value.  If the price is reasonable, go for it.
2 - It stinks! If its dirt cheap, pick it up.
1 - For completionists only.  Don't bother at any price.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the review scale, or if you've got a review request, I'll try my best to acquire it!

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