Saturday, February 11, 2012

At Last, I Finally Have A Famicom.

Sometimes, I don't save my pennies and jump on the best deal available. Sometimes, I want something, and I want it right now.  Sometimes, you name your site after something and don't actually own it.

All this overtime I've been working at my day job - coupled with the research I did for an article on the subject - led me to decide that it was finally time for me to have a Famicom.

So, rather than grab a cheap, beat up console with no AC adapter and a third-party RF switch, I decided to go all out for the real deal.

Hello there, you beautiful piece of history.

A boxed Family Computer, missing only the manuals and inserts.  The box is in fairly great condition when you consider that it's probably from 1983-1985.  It is nearing its thirties, you'd think it'd be in as bad of shape as I am.

This is the most exciting thing I've seen all year. No, really.

The box contains the system and an original RF switch and AC adapter.  I haven't been seriously looking for very long, but nearly every one I've found has one or both of these replaced with a Hori third-party equivalent.

Old, but still gorgeous.

It'll need some cleaning to get that white look back - it's old and quite dirty.  The original protective film is still over the front label, but as you can see, it's starting to peel off.

I'm sure she'll clean up beautifully.

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