Saturday, March 31, 2012

super famicall of duty is awsum

i made this site way more cool cuz i think old games are stupid and old. the ps3 is stupid too. xbox rulz.

who plays mario and stuff that stuff is for babys and old peeple. real men play cod on xbox cuz its cool and my mom has to buy it for me cuz the guy at the store is a dick. Maybe i cn get her to buy sum beers too and then we can have a party and kick her out and get girls.

me and my friend talked to a girl once and she was like o ur so hot and i was like ok cool ur hot too lets do it and she was like ok and then my friend left and we did it while i was playing xbox.

i even play xbox while im hving sex cuz sex is awsum and so is xbox and i do them at the same time cuz im awesum.

like with ur mom that one time. she was like o baby and i was like move ur head i cant see the tv and she was like ok.

this site isent for treyarch cuz their bad at makeing games. infinity word is waaaaay better then them at life and u suck at life if you dont like them.

me and my bros are gonna play tonight and own u n00bz cuz were awsum and u suck and your not good and were awesum. look for SuperFamiCallOfDuty on xbox live so i can shut ur ass down with a bullet in ur nuts.


--Note: This is the single most difficult thing I've ever had to write. Happy April Fools' Day, if you didn't pick up on the obvious.


  1. ur stoopid. playstation is waay better cause the online is free. ur stupid xbox makes you pay for you're online and mine is free.

  2. no way ur stopid. xbox is better for online cuz it has live. urs dont have live so its not cool.

    dont make me ban u. where is the ban button?