Monday, January 24, 2011

Amazon Expeditions - Star Wars Arcade for the 32X

Hell yeah.

Widely regarded as the only game worth owning on the 32X, Star Wars Arcade is a home port of - what else? - 1993's Japan-only Star Wars Arcade.  The game was nearly a dead-on copy of Atari's 1983 Star Wars arcade game.

This box has seen better days.

The game is complete - box, cartridge and manual, but the box looks like it's been through TSA security.  It's beat up, crushed, and violated - but it's complete.  The game cost only $6 shipped at Amazon through a private seller, so I won't complain about the state.  A complete Star Wars for $6 is fine by me.

Much better.
The cartridge, on the other hand, is in great shape - it seems to have spend most of its life inside the box.  Clean, unscuffed, and the label is perfect.  All in all, a solid investment.

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